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The problem was that deep down inside Paul still just couldn't believe Dave really meant what he was saying. "Even better, give her those three whippings I promised her.

It had been less that fifteen minutes since the dog's attentions and she was still wet and fully aroused. She had moved at the wrong time to try and dislodge the dildo up her arse and he stopped her with a whip across her tummy. "Cindy, the school called again to let me know that you were suppose to be there for summer classes. Sharon immediately went and did her mother's bidding.

The people at the school have this special treatment that's supposed to tone up the ass muscles. Conveniently placed cranks allowed them to draw her body bowstring taut. Mr Boggis turned to Matt, "How do you want to take her?

She walked over to her husband and kissed him hello. He was unsure of how the mother would react to the blatant sexual abuse of her sixteen year old daughter. "I see you boys are having a good time." Paul colored slightly and looked uncomfortable. A thick pillow shoved under her ass elevated her hips. Both John and Ivy released Jody from her bonds and stood her up. John especially loved watching the girl's faces when they lose their virginity.

She walked over to the carpet on the floor and got into position. " Rodney followed her gaze down to his semi-erect member.

She had to do a handstand against the wall and then allow her legs to fall to the side.

It's a kind of chair with a little metal prong about the size of your thumb sticking up from the seat. "You have just earned yourself one whipping for disobedience, and one extra one for misbehaving in front of a guest. Head down and ass up, her knees spread wide, her shaved sex gaped in open invitation. She will of course be unable to, thanks to all those special female hormones and stimulants the school treated her with. "You should find everything you need in one of those lockers," Dave said, pointing to a row of four cabinets against the far wall.

And now here he was trying to talk his best friend Paul Winslow into sending HIS daughter Cindy off to the very same school, supposedly to cure her "stubborn willfulness". I will." They continued to look for another couple of minutes before Dave asked, "Ready for the flip side? To Paul's delight the poor youngster kicked and screamed the whole time, especially when the spikes started digging into the drum-taut inner walls of her cunt walls. Paul let her suffer for a good five minutes before switching up one more notch to "MAX". "I'm going to give you the whipping you earned tonight by disobeying your father. The look of shock and pain on her sweet young face was priceless all by itself. Her father had been right about the effects of the training. It is in no way to be considered an endorsement by the author of the actual commitment of such acts as those described. Neither could remember a time when they weren't constantly being ordered to bend over and bare for the cane, paddle, or strap. Now pull that slip up under your arms and bend over. "Not bad, hunh," Dave asked with just a bit of fatherly pride. Not bad at all." He leaned forward for a closer look. Paul was so busy admiring the view that he hardly noticed when Dave got up and walked out of the room. Another cabinet yielded a treasure trove of dildos and vibrators, some impossibly huge and heavily spiked for girls the age of Sharon and Melissa. A forth held what looked like medical instruments and supplies, heavy on the lubricants. He found one that was over ten inches long and about as thick as the girl's wrist. The moment it hit her Paul twisted the ring to "MED" and the hum doubled in volume. She bucked and heaved and tugged uselessly at her bindings as the blinding waves of pleasure/pain filled her young body. She walked past the headmaster and took hold of Matt's cock again. If you are offended by material of this sort, then by all means DON'T READ IT! Then last summer he'd sent them away to the notorious Hackmoore Girl's Disciplinary Academy for even harsher training. "Imagine having Cindy trained to do this." Paul cleared his throat, which for some reason had gone suddenly dry. When he returned he was leading a very large Great Dane on a leash. "Okay," he said with a flourish, "time to demonstrate sexual responsiveness." He turned to his young daughter. It had a dozen spiraling rows of short, pointy spikes along it's length, and even better it was equipped with a heavy duty AC powered vibration unit. He picked it up along with a harness and a jar of Vaseline. A ring at the base of the dildo with an arrow embossed on it. It went on and on until she felt like she surely must faint. The angry buzz cut through Sharon like a red hot poker. Poor Melissa foolishly failed to rise for the fifth stroke. " "I believe Mr Basket feels his son is the best candidate." replied the headmaster. And to better make his point he intended to use poor Melissa as an example. She'd been ordered to dress in her "discipline slip" for the occasion. I like the way the pink inner lips peek out around the edges of her slit. If I were you I'd make her keep it shaved off like it is now. " Paul managed to tear his eyes away long enough to reply, "Sure! He could actually see the little bumps moving up the bulge the dildo was making in her groin. There was no way the dildo was going to come out on it's own. The dildo actually thrummed with power as its full potential was released upon Sharon's helpless sex. Now be a good girl and open your mouth." Knowing better than to disobey the pert youngster did as she was told. Every girl I've ever done it to absolutely hates it. But then that's part of the price you pay for disobedience, isn't it." He bent over to inspect his work, then scooped more Vaseline. Then there was the helplessly lewd way her hips danced around on the bed. The strident shrieks of agony, reduced to soft mewings by the gag. The poor kid tried to jump out of her skin the moment the spiked tip touched the puckered bud of her rectum. I just want something that has a bit more excitment." "Fair enough honey. The three of them were in the living-room of Dave's house. It was a plain white satin slip, slit down the back and tied closed with ribbons. But buy putting it on and cinching it tight between the girl's legs he ensured that the head of the phallus would remain pressed hard up into the very back of her womb, no matter how violently she bucked. If she hadn't been gagged her teeth would have rattled. Paul just smiled, patted her on her wildly jerking ass, and walked off. Paul inserted the phallus into her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head. Paul picked up the jar of Vaseline and scooped out a big glob onto his fingers. "Of course this will be a new experience for me as well, since I've never pussy-whipped a girl your age before. The beautiful red welts that spread across the pale nether lips. She strained to the very limits of her bindings trying to escape it, and Paul took full advantage of the opportunity by cheerfully lashing the thongs straight down into her wide open cleft. After that Paul had no trouble making the girl arch her pussy up. Our neighbour Dave was telling me he 'allowed' his two daughters to go to a school called Hackmoores. When he was fully naked he sat down looking at his pretty 16 year old. Melissa moved passed it and licked his legs and feet. She started at his balls and licked all the way up his shaft and then swallowed it tenderly.

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