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Appellant initially denied the telephone conversation with A. Appellant then admitted to the telephone conversation with A. but stated he merely returned her call, the conversation was only five minutes long (A. S.s mother and father went to the destination specified by the male and confronted appellant. Appellant was charged with and convicted of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. S.s mother testified that she listened for fifteen minutes and only heard part of it), and there were sexual overtones to the conversation but only about other people. B, appellant also argues that he should have been permitted to probe every occurrence of sexual contact between A. Although we agree with appellant that the district court abused its discretion in refusing to allow appellant to introduce any evidence concerning the fact that A. testified that the second time she saw appellant, he was driving his fathers truck. went to a cul-de-sac, sat in the truck, and had a conversation.

Carroll, the defendant was charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct. testified that, after these first sexual encounters, appellant called her and urged her to sneak out of her house and that appellant wanted A. S.s mother testified that she overheard a telephone conversation between A. In general, and as relevant here, such evidence is admissible only in certain circumstances and where the probative value of the evidence is not substantially outweighed by the prejudicial or inflammatory nature of the evidence. But in the event there is a conflict between the protections afforded alleged victims under the rape-shield law and rule 412 and the defendants constitutional rights, the defendants constitutional rights prevail and the evidence is admissible.

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