Dating girl guy friends

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On the other hand I always had a lot of guy friends, not ONE I've ever fooled around with, yet he was always pestering me about them, what they looked like, etc.

(i broke it off with him after a month for a number of reasons). And he must have had some charisma or exterior qualities that made you choose him over others that maybe would have been more equitable.. Also, it is about feeling more in control, the reason that finding and MAINTAINING a compatible long-term SO relationship ISthe second greatest challenge in life for most..

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Meanwhile women are just acting normal towards each other or 1x friendly, unless they are bi then its 2x as friendly. You are right girls are catty and all they like to talk about is gossip and girly stuff! Like when you are walking and you trip..they will follow me for an hour laughing at that.

I would rather get dirty by working on a car or something exciting! And none of them can be manipulated by me..all of them have women in their lives. The last group of guys I worked with, they would sit around and discuss who was dating whom and what they wore, etc, my girlfriends do. I too have a couple of girlfriends that are not girly girls.

The reason you have a lot of guy friends you haven't slept with is because they want to sleep with you and are too callow to make a move. My ex used to get super jealous of the fact that I would have perfectly normal, intellectual conversations with women. Find somebody who isn't a jealous little bi-otch all the time and you'll be fine.

Because some folks feel its easier to change other people, rather than change themselves. Ah jealousy......monkey wrench that breaks so many spokes in a relationship.......

I know a couple of woman that prefer non-romantic male relationships than the typical gal pal cliques, and that's what their story was.

I honestly.up with all guys and I can relate better to guys. :)well said Smile I to have many male friends, I'm just one of the guys... You tell a woman something and typically she'll run with it and add and add to it. Understand this is a generalization but I would be very careful if I found out a woman I was dating had only guy friends.

Just a preference but I only have a few girlfriends..they are very down to earth..girly girls. I find women to be to catty at times, don't get me wrong, I do have female friends as well, I have two best friends one is female the other male..^^^ I agree. Basically you can tell a guy something and he only 1/2 listens and chances are won't repeat it. Shivan, my theory is "the guy friends" are actually acting 3x or 4x as friendly towards the "female friend" cause, well Sigmun Fried knows why. A woman with only guy friends have only guy friends because they are skilled at manipulating men to do whatever they want and can treat them however they want. Sorry that is a generalization..guy friends are the first to bust me out in any situation and it is great.

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