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By emphasizing sustainable leadership and economic development through an adaptive format, New Rules can improve lives directly.

“There are many examples I can give you where the underlying factor is not having traditional limitations on how you can help,” he explains, “but getting creative.” He cites an example from last summer, when the building lent its lawnmower to a local homeless couple, who used it to earn funds for food and shelter.

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“The biggest needs for a lot of our immediate neighbors are financial resources,” Webley continues.They research and identify issues, taking suggestions from the Board of Education but making their own decisions on topic, tone and recommendations, and speaking with the general student population.Walsh recalls a presentation at the close of the 2015-2016 school year as evidence of SEAB’s influence on students’ lives.“[A SEAB student] was in a meeting with a board policy work group with kind of cantankerous adults and she really held her own,” Walsh says.She’s also proud that the students followed her advice and requested the right to evaluate their facilitators. The purpose all along was “to take the power to the people,” Walsh explains.

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