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Among the red herrings identified is the fact that the news all appears to be coming from the creators themselves, rather than outside sources.Inconsistencies in the videos and a sense of the footage being 'too good to be true' all contribute to the air of suspicion, the websites said.Footage from Perm Polytechnic University, in central Russia, shows Promobot - a 'self-teaching' robot - stopping a set of shelves from falling on a little girl after she tried to climb on them.Oleg Kivokurtsev, one of the creators of the robot, claims his machine carried out the manoeuvre all by itself - but his team have been accused of fakery in the past.In the latest video, Promobot can be seen sitting in a lobby area of the university on an open day as visitors mill about.

It said it was reviewing feedback from the trial before deciding on next steps for the service.

Since its successful trial, Amazon Prime has been rolled out to almost a third of the UK including major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Liverpool, as well as Hertfordshire, South Yorkshire and Surrey.

It comes as t According to Starship Technologies, the Just Eat delivery robot can trundle along the pavement at about 4 mph (6 km/h), robots can complete local deliveries within five to 30 minutes from a local hub or retail outlet.

Tesco is making plans to deliver groceries by robot in under an hour after a successful trial.

Britain's biggest supermarket delivered a food order using a six-wheeled buggy to an address in central London as part of its wider Tesco Now one-hour delivery trial.

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