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They never had a chance to use the signals they taped from the Jets.

In the years to come, the Patriots solidified their position as one of the great teams in football.

After struggling to a frustrating 9-7 mark in 2002, Belichick's team established itself as a dynasty with consecutive 14-win seasons and Super Bowl victories in 20.

Outside of the Patriots' being perceived as an overly physical team for manhandling Indianapolis' receivers during the 2003 AFC Championship Game, they weren't a team with a particularly strong personality.

The Pats were built upon depth and a middle class of talent, with just two of their players -- Brady and Ty Law -- making more than million during the 2004 season.

They were portrayed as the contrast to the me-first attitude of players such as Terrell Owens and Freddy Mitchell in advance of that Super Bowl. 24, 2005, was in awe of Brady's living large despite his "third-string personality."Even as the Patriots fell short of the Super Bowl in 20, they didn't appear to have a reputation as much more than a very good football team.

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